Week 3:- My Kobelco Machine stuck in the mud, in this shot the exhaust is under the ground level and the low side is still sinking. The bucket is into the ground, which is what is stopping the machine sinking further Week 3:- As can be seen it is still sinking, the lower glass panel on the door has been pushed out by the mud and the door has been bent slightly Week 3:- Just another shot from a different viewpoint Week 3:- Lynda looks on in disbelief, we hire a contractor to get the digger out, and following this give him the job of ditching and putting a roadway in, along with a caravan hard standing Week 5:- Shots of this machine ( a seven and a half ton machine) are where the contractor I hired to get my machine out has got his stuck Week 5:- The machine isnt as badly stuck as it would appear, it is just that the mud all around it has a fantastic suction, and the surrounding ground is too soft to let it pull itself out
Week 5:- Another shot showing the extent of the mud, at this point it is like a slurry Week 5:- The mud is building up every time the operator tries to free the machine, you can see water lying on top of the mud Week 5:- As can be seen there is more water lying about, the water is comming from a ditch that runs off the forest, and there is a stedy flow up to the machine, but no flow past it, we wonder where the water is going? Week 5:- The machine was traversing the ditch at the time it got stuck, so not knowing how deep the ditch is means it is not known where the bottom is Week 6:- The machine is finally out of the mud, a twenty ton machine was brought in to pull it out, work now progress's to putting a entrance for the roadway onto the land in, being buried in this shot is a 600mm dia pipe to take water away. Week 6:- Here a load of stone is being delivered (100mm crusher run), it cost £17 per ton and this is one 20 ton load, a lot more are needed to follow
Week 6:- A shot showing the 600mm pipe about to be covered with stone Week 6:- Roadway continues Week 6:- A bit blurry, but the stone being dumped can clearly be seen Week 7:- The Twenty Ton machine has got stuck, the operator went over a spot where a digger had previously sunk, apparently (according to the contractor) this is a known no no for operators Week 7:- Shot of sunk Twenty Tonner from a different viewpoint (night time) Week 7:- Shot of sunk Twenty Tonner from a different viewpoint (night time)
Week 7:- Shot of sunk Twenty Tonner from a different viewpoint in the daytime, the machine is in danger of being a write off as water is rising and nearly into the engine and hydraulics compartments as well as the cab. The operator also got the 7.5 ton machine stuck again in trying to free this one, however we managed to unstick it with my machine Week 7:- The depth the machine has sunk to can clearly be seen here Week 7:- Another shot of the machine, note the water level to the left hand side of the shot and the orangy clay just in front of the machine toward the left. Week 7:- Another shot of the machine, at this point the contractor is pumping water frrom the hole Week 7:- The machine has not been freed yet. The contractor is calling in a friend with another digger to help tow it out Week 7:- Here is the other digger, a very nice machine (14 ton brand new), the owner is meticulous in using the machine
Week 7:- The machine is being dug out around it to help free it from suction etc, note the orange clay on the left hand side Week 7:-  Yet another look at the machine, the water pump pipes can just be made out at the right of the shot Week 7:- The machine is still sinking, but access to some parts are now available. This shows the hydraulic pump, apparently a hydrualic hose was broken by a safty plate underneath the machine being pushed up by the earth, the operator did not notice this and continued to use the machine resulting in the engine and pumps siezing. Week 7:- You can see here the mud that has penetrated into the cabinet Week 7:- The contractors engineer is repairing the hose and trying to free the machine engine, it is hoped that it may be possible to drive it out of the hole. the friends digger (yellow machine) is digging a ramp for driving/towing Week 7:- The machine is out at last resulting in an enormouse hole full of water, the water depth is approx 2 meteres. The machine was driven out in the end with the aid of a tow.
Week 7:- The mud from machine stuck excavations can be seen in the foreground, and the roadway and hard standing above it Week 7:- The hard standing is being extended for the caravan at this point Week 8:-  The caravan arrives Week 8:- The caravan is in reasonably good shape, we may be living in it in the future. The intention at present is to use it as a site hut come tool storage unit Week 8:- Yet another caravan shot Week 9:- The caravan on site and leveled, the roll beside it is terran, which is a lining put down prior to the stone. I am told that it lets water through but not stone etc. In placing the caravan the contractor has damaged the "A" frame (used for towing), this is a bolt on unit belonging to the caravan site from which the caravan was purchased, so this now has to be repaired
Week 9:- Caravan from the other side adjacent to the ditch Week 9:- Lynda inspecting the work Week 9:- The 20 ton machine has been left whilst the contractor decides what to do with it, he is thinking on using it as is as it now runs again, but his engineer has advised that he should have the hydraulic pumps checked first. Week 9:- A shot of the site from the hard standing Week 15:- The footprint of the house has been cleared of peat down to clay, as peat is not allowed under the house due to it producing toxic gas's as it rots Week 18:- The 20 ton machine is working again and the roadway has been put in by using stone from the site for the base, this saves a lot of money
Week 18:-The 20 ton m,achine is broken again, the pumps hand been sent away for checking and pronounced ok, but now the oil cooler has sprung a leak and the machine hydraulics are acting up, the engineer still believes that the pumps are at fault. I have started expanding the roadway with my machine by diging down to clay Week 18:- We have had an structural engineer come to site to advise us regarding the foundations, two test holes had been dug and after approx one metre of clay sandy soil was encountered after which water gushed up. The water can be seen in the hole with the sandy soil and clay in front of it Week 18:- The second hole also with water, note the clay here is grayer Week 18:- This is where the stone is being qaurried from for the roadway, note the water in the holes. This is seeping up through the rock from underground, a channel has been dug to the ditch at the front of the site and the majority of the water is flowing out, what can be seen is approx 200mm deep Week 18:- Another shot of the qaurry Week 18:- Yet another qaurry shot
Week 20:- The roadway has been expanded and stoned now to the front of where the house will be, The structural engineer advises that we will probably have to pile for the foundations and a soil survey will be required Week 20:- The Kobelco digger shown has done most of the work and has been a worthwhile purchase, the newly stoned roadway is in evidence Week 20:- The rest of the stoned roadway. It should be noted that this is only rough at present and it will probably have to have more stone to raise the hieght, finally a better qaulity of stone will cover it to make the road more even Week 20:- The peat can be seen more clearly here Week 20:- Peat has also been put at the back of the house plot, again it will be used to fill the hole left by the qaurry Week 20:- Another roadway shot
Week 20:- Shot of the roadway showing the house print and the caravan Week 20:- Stone Qaurry, yet more stone removed, notice the peat in the background, eventually this will fill the qaurry to replace the stone Week 31:- from previous week 20 we have been awaiting quotes following soil survey as to method of foundations, our engineer recommends pliling. We sent three quotes one of which declined to tender the others work out at £26,000 ex vat and extras. We therefore decided to dig a trench and see if we could reduce the ground water so as to then use conventional trench foundations. Here and following shots are of the take away trench through rock Shot of clay and sand at end of trench 2 Week 31:- trench further along Week 31:- nearly the whole trench
Week 31:- Trench viewed from the end which will finaly be opened to drain thye water, bottom right hand corner is the end of the trench Week 31:- opposite end of trench to previous shot Week 31:- another shot of the trench with some surface water flowing Week 32:- The offending track awaiting cleaning and fitting Week 34:- Digger has now got its track back on and work continues upon the house base, needed for piling or trenching whichever method is used to support digger/piler Week 36: Dumper has now thrown a track, here is a shot of it without track
Week 36: The dumper track and tensioning wheel can be seen in the background and foreground respectively, this is prior to the track being put back on. Week 36: Track is now back on the dumper, this shot shows a 300mm wide trench that collapsed the very next day. Lynda and dog are here to give an idea of scale. It is now certain that we will need to shore any trenches dug straight away. This one will be filled with stone (so the digger can move over it) and re-dug Week 62 Six months later as weather conditions did not allow further work,  After much debating about shoring etc it has been decided to trench and fill with stone to bedrock, here is the trench being dug Week 62 :- Trench digging continues Week 63 Trench digging continues, you can see the dumper in the background, the other track has snapped in half and now awaits a new one Week 63 The rock at the bottom of the trench can just be seen in this shot
Week 64 Here you can see the rock going in the trench, all told we put 700 tonnes of rock in trenches, yes 700 Week 64, Here you can just make out the rock in the trenches Week 64, Another shot of the rock in place Week 64, Here the rock can be seen more clearly Week 64, Lynda inspecting the rock Week 64, Well at least she looks happy with it
Week 65, Here is a roller kindly lent to us by one of our nieghbours, we are rolling the top of the rock and then covering with finer stuff to level it out Week 65, Another rock rolling shot Week 66, All rock rolled and somewhat level, as can be seen the areas are more defined now Week 66, Laser level checking the rock Week 67 Formwork is now being placed for the first fill of concrete for the foundations, the total estimated concrete qauntity is 48 cubic metres Week 67, Another formwork shot also showing the rock layout
Week 68, First stage of formwork finished and first lot of concrete poured, 19.5 cubic metres in total, another two formwork stages to go Week 68, Here you can see the connecting rods for the next stage Week 69, My brother asking questions about the build etc, here you can see the second stage formwork prior to being poured Week 70, The second stage formwork has been placed and filled, 18 cubic metres of concrete with a very small amount left over, the little puddle is the extra Week 70, Another shot of the finished second stage concrete pour Week 71, The final stage formwork in place, the tubes are for the underground heat pump pipework
Week 71, Lynda inspecting again, in the forefront next to the wacker an addition in place, the architect has changed the plans without telling us. Week 71, The final stage poured, 12 cubic metres of concrete used, 49.5 cubic metres in total for all pours Week 71, Shot showing the foundations and the heat pump ducts Week 72, The voids between foundation walls being filled with infill material Week 72, more infilling Week 72, Blocks now being placed ready to start first block course
Week 72, another shot of infill and blocks Week 73, First corner of blocks in place and levels checked Week 73, Laser level in use Week 73, Back row of house first line up Week 77 Shot of first coarse up, the blue pipes are ducts for the underground heat pump collector pipes Week 77 another shot of first coarse
Week 77 shot that shows the whole thing Week 78 Work started on the watrer tank, which eventually will be our drinking water supply Week 78 Week 78 here I am checking Week 78 Week 78 the wall is rising
Week 78 Week 79 the walls are finished on the water tank, we await better weather to waterproof paint the inside of the tank Week 79 We are digging more rock and backfilling with the clay/sand from the foundation dig Week 79 The removed rock will be usd for the infill in the house flooring and the driveway Week 79 Another tank shot Week 79 The clay/sand infill, to the right of which the freshly uncovered rock can be seen
Week 80 The formwork for the Klargester sewage treatment plant is in place, my dad built the formwork for me on his recent visit Week 83 The water tank has been shuttered ready for concrete on the top, the iron rods are for the support pillar in the middle. It is estimated that the weight of the lid will be approx 8 tons Week 83 Another shot showing the iron rods fixed into the bedrock. Week 83 Another shot showing the shuttering for the access hole Week 83 Close up of the rods CIMG0722
CIMG0724 Week 84 Manholes that will take the rain water and the sewage treatment plant output to the burn (stream) Week 84 The pipes from the manholes can just be seen (bottom left) as they are placed beneathn the pond, the stream is approx where the car is. Week 86 The concrete has been poured and the shuttering removed Week 86 View from inside of the tank Week 87 The rock face can be seen inside the tank
Week 87 Another view inside the tank, the blocke wall joining to the rock face can be seen Week 87 The central support pillar inside the tank Week 88 The concrete base has been put in for the Klargester sewage treatment plant, ready for the Klargester Week 89 The Klargester is put in place Week 89 another view of the Klargester Week 93 We have decided to live on site in a Caravan, it has been delivered and is being sited
Week 100 Wow 100 weeks all ready, anyway Xmas is over and the coldest in 25 years, hah and we had moved into the Caravan, the snows and ice have been and gone, tempratures reached -16 degrees over Xmas but we lived. The rains have now come and the site is pretty water logged as can be seen Week 104 work has started on finishing the tank pump housing, this also is the tank access, the pipe froze and the pump burst the pipe as can be seen here Week 104 Another view of the burst pipe Week 104 The pump and tank accesshousing Week 105 The virtually finished Housing, the foremost cover is for the pump and the other for the tank Week 106 Work now starts on the house proper as up to this time it has mainly been services and accomadation
Week 106 The house foundations Week 106 The blocks have now to be taken to ground level, our living qaurters can be seen in the background, also the shed house's the drinking water filtration plant, washing and drying machines and freezer. Week 107 Blocking continues Week 107 The sunroom is up, lounge and dining room are on the way Week 108 View of the lounge fireplace Week 110, all walls up to ground level now
Week 114, all gaps between walls filled with concrete and some of the middles filled in Week 115, Shot of where the rock for the filling of the middles is coming from Week 115, another view of rock removal Jean Jordan. Week 116: Nothing done on the land, my mother (picture above) passed away a couple of weeks ago and we were attending her funeral. My brother performed the eulagy at the service, and I would have liked to add some words, but I was too emotional. I thought I would be and had previously declined to speak. All I can say is God rest in peace mum and I hope everything is as you would like in both places. Week 118, More rock has been removed for the infill, you can see here by looking at previous pictures the amount taken out. Week118, All infiing is finished now and it has been wacked solid ready for blocking and concrete sub floors.
Week 119, Profiles for blocking have been put up (the wooden posts) and blocking has begun, the concrete sub floors are cast to the top of the blocks, but more rubble and then blinding sand must be put in first. Week 120, My eldest son Paul gets married, so another week no building work being done. As can be seen he is very happy and that is all one can ask for, so all the best Paul and Tina and many happy years. Week 121, Building work is now is now progressing again, the first concrete pour for the house floors has happened, only five more pours to go. each pour has to have the blocking done seperately as the concrete wagon needs to travel accross the existing to reach the pour area. Week 122, blocking for the next pour has been finalised, and the damp proof membranes put in place. Week 124, the second and third pours have been performed and blocking started on the fourth pour, hopefully we should be able to have this poured in the next fews days. Week 125, Blocking finished on the third pour, and as can be seen the DPM is in place
Week 126, Fourth pour is finished, now just the garage floor to pour Week 126, Garage is blocked, now just awaits the DPM and the final pour Week 127, The Garage floor has just been poured, this means that all the floors have been poured, final fish to these will be 100mm insulation, followed by 75mm screed, but this is not done until the walls roof and windows are in place. Week 129: Blocks have been delivered, and blocking on the house walls proper has started, this can just be seen to the left of the picture, however bad weather is now on the way so this will hold things up somewhat. To the right the excess concrete from the pours has been used to bench the drainage pipe and raise the ground level, eventually this will be the parking area for the flat above the garage. Week 155, Blocking has started again after winter, it is now March and progress is being made Week 155, the following shots are mainly from week 155, they give different views
Week 155, view of study, you can see the window cavity is now being formed Week 155, view of lounge and window cavity Week 155, chimney stackshown from the outside Week 155, wide shot of chimney stack and building Week 155, chimney and fireplace from the inside of the building Week 155, view from inside what will be the dinig room
Week 187, progress has been made in the intervening weeks as we have had approximately two weeks of good weather Week 187, view of garage opening, this has yet to be properly formed Week 187, Chimney stack from the outside, again the lintel can be seen Week 187, view from rear of the house Week 187, view from inside the hallway, the opening directly in front is to the downstairs shower room, to the left the opening to the kitchen, and far left the opening to the study. No work has been undertaken for two weeks as we have not had a single day without rain, and at present the rain shows no sign of abaiting. Week 187, view of fireplace in lounge, the rectangular whitish part is the lintel and gather that the chimney sits upon
Week 187: Inside of the garage being raised Week 188: First lintle put in place Week 188: Another shot of the lintle Week 200: Some time since the last picture, the outer leaf is being put up now, this is a shot of the study. The Dpc (black bit) is sticking out to take the stone cladding when it is put on . Week 201: garage beams have been put in Week 201: Outer leaf is continued round to the road end of the house
CIMG1032 Week 202: blocking is started on the rear of the house week 202: Another shot of the rear of the house Week 206: The rear is finished, the white vertical strips are the expansion joints required by latest building regs Week 207: Blocking over the garage beams is completed Week 207: blocking on the front is completed, ready for the wall plate for the roof truss's
Week 208: Roof truss's have been delivered, total of five tons in weight Week 208: Another shot of the roof truss's Week 209: Terrible weather, but the first truss is put up Week 209: a shot of the guys helping me with the roof truss's Mike and Lyndsay Week 209: two more guys who are helping, Martin and Ryan, Martin is on the left hand side, the previous two guys Mike and Lyndsay are Martins sons, and Ryan is their cousin Week 209: The loadall used for getting the truss's up onto the wall plate, it has a 6 metre reach and is just a bit too short, so manhandling is required, the truss's themselves are 10.92 metres long. In the Loadall is Shawn a friend from Ardpatrick. It takes all weekend just to put up nine truss's and get the others up on to the wall plate (laid down).
Week 210: Martin and Mike helped this weekend (terrible weather again) and we got all but ten of the truss's positioned. Week 210: Another shot of the erected truss's, the remaining ten can be seen stacked on this end. Week 210: same truss's from another view Week 210: Inside view of what will become the upstairs bedrooms and bathrooms etc, this shot reminds me of a battlestar galactica landing bay Week 211: All trusses are up now, time to put the top hats on Week 211: Ryan and I adding bracing
Week 211: Mike giving instructions (or tall tale), to others whilst connecting top hats Week 211: Busy nailing top hats, there are four conectors per truss, and 28 nails per connector and 48 truss's, a lot of nails by hand. Week 218: High winds and much water have taken thier toll on our build, last night the truss's and the gable end wall were demolished, what follows are shots of same in position they have fallen. It is too early to gauge the full extent of damage, but time will reveal all. It has been impossible to move forward due to the weather. Week 218: this is where the gable end landed, the next two shots show the gable end bits Week 218: Plenty of rubble for the driveway at least Week 218: Some fell into the side porch, the next two shots shows the damage done to the porch
Week 218: The doorway lintle has become dislodged here so this will need to be re-bedded Week 218: The block next to the door way lintle has been knocked out. Week 218: this and the next two shots show the damage to the internal wall 1st two courses on the gable end Week 218: The stair well to the will be flat above Week 218: Opposite side from the last shot showing door way to the stair well, at least the door way lintles and supports are still viable. Week 218: This and the next five shots show to some extent the joist damage, to the left a smashed joist can be seen and to the right a disconected joint. the walkway planks that were in the cavity space have caused a ridge, which when the joist landed on it caused a disconnection at the joining plates, this has happened to a few of the joists.
Week 218: As can be seen further disconnections, but at present these seem to be most of the damage, and not all joists are like this. Week 218: In this shot the joist did not disconnect but the walk way plank smashed instead, however it can be seen that the connection has been strained. Week 218: More disconnections, I am hoping we can re-connect these with new connectors of the manual nail in type, joist damage will be a deciding factor along with strength of connectors. Week 218: View from above Week 218: Another view from above, All of the joists look neatly laid out, with all of the bracing on top. Almost every single screw on the bracing has been sheared off, and those that have not are bent at various angles, mainly 90 degrees, Clearly some truss's are salvagable, at this point in time it is difficult to see how many until I can start lifting them up. I do not see this happening this year, but hopefully early next year will see some progress. Week 228: Steel work for the Sun room has been put in now, and blocking of the gable end above it has started. The weather is still holding us up, so blocking is sporadic to say the least.
Week 228: Another shot of the steel work, the land is still very wet, but as soon as it dries up I will clear an area for the truss's to be put, the idea at this point in time is to lift them off with a crane, repair them and put them back up, also with a crane. Week 230: The first truss has ben repaired and put up as a guide for the gable end block work, both skins are being built here the inner skin can be seen Week 231: The outer skin is now being built, the insulation that goes on the inner skin can be seen Week 232: blocking is now up to the cross member on the truss (first floor ceiling), the scafold has to be raised now to continue Week 233: Blocking is now up to the top (peak), gable ladders to add and chimney to complete, this gable end will then be finished and ready for the roof. Week 234: Gable laders have now been put in, chimney to finish next
Week 235: Chimney is being built, it takes a while as the scaffolding has to be erected Week 236: Chimney is complete and now the truss's are being repaired and stacked against the gable end, as can be seen in this shot Week 237: I have hired some help, now we are putting the repaired truss's out Week237: Another shot of truss placement Week 237: More truss's put up and the Dormer window openings created, you can see the guy helping sat down. Week 238: Sarking is being put up as we have run out of timber for the remaining truss's, this is on order.
Week 238: My new helper having tea break. Week 238: another shot of sarking on the right hand side. Week 238: Shot of truss's from rear Week 238: Scaffolding has been taken down and porch gable ladders and sarking can be seen Week 238| My helper inspecting his work ! Week 238: Sarking to date viewed from lounge side of house
Week 240: Front Dormers being constructed, sarking at left hand side is waiting for the gable end to be completed Week 241: Gable end blocking is finished, gable ladders now need to be put up Week 241: Second Dormer window is nearly complete Week 241: Gable ladders have been added now, sarking can be completed now Week 242: Scaffolding has been removed and sarking is being put up, the front has all ready been completed as will be seen in next shot, however the weather has turned for the worse and things are slowing down, it has take four days to put up the sarking which still is not complete and the weather outlook for the next two weeks is heavy rain. Week 242: Completed shot of front sarking, Dormer has also been completed. Our youngest son David can be seen in bottom left hand corner, he has come to stay with us to help with the build and learn to be an Electrician, which is a great help.
Week 243: The truss's have been cut away for the hall entrance for a high cieling and the rafters strengthened, where the cut ends are will be trimmed and another cross beam put in when the stairs are introduced. Week 244: Roof membrane has now been put on and the back is in progress Week 245: back off  the house with membrane Week 245: I have been building  the internal seperating wall and chimney ready for the stack to be built at the rear of the house. Week 246: Membraning has finished and now the second chimney stack is being built Week 246: Close up off the chimney stack and myself
Week 246: Another shot of the chimney stack being built Week 248: The chimney stack is finished (top left of picture) and my eldest son Paul (right on the picture) has just helped David and myself put in the last Velux window. Also all of the other windows and doors have been put in, this was done in week 247 Week 249: Front Fascia and soffit has been put up (not all off the soffit yet at the front) Week 249: Another shot of the front showing Fascia and soffit Week 250: Slating the roof has started at the rear of the building and is now up to the base of the Dormer window, we now have to put the lead Dormer apron on and the shiplap cladding, hence the platform Week 250: Another shot of the slating
Week 252: Picture showing the rear Dormer with lead flashing and shiplap cladding. Week 252: Close up of rear Dormer, the soakers have been installed and slating now continues up the roof and sides of the Dormer. Week 253: A good weather week, so we have been able to get on with the slating, we are two thirds of the way up, so we will switch to the other side of the dormer. Week 253: we have completed the Dormer cheek slating on this side and set the staging up upon the other side of the Dormer, but the weather has now turned bad, so we will yet again be held up. Week 257: In between bouts of bad weather etc progress has been slow as expected, but some made. All velux's at the rear are now slated bar one Week 257: Shot of remaining velux to be slated at rear.
Week 262:All veluxes at rear slated now as well as the left hand dormer cheek, we have slated around the chimney and are now proceeding above it to the ridge. Week 262: another shot of slating, in this one you can see the centre veluxe slated. Week 262: Yet another shot of the slating above the dormer, we are just two rows from the ridge, after which we will slate the dormer roof. Week 263: Dormer roof slated with ridge put on, this Dormer is now complete (well outside). The two ladders are being set up for staging, and then to the right of the dormer will be finish slated. Week 264: Right hand side of the Dormer at the rear is finished (except ridge which will be completed with the front), the other side is in progress, but this side is over three quarters finished. Week 266: Back of house fully slated now and side porch under way
Week 266: Afull shot of rear of house, now round to the front. Week 267: Snow stops work, a view from the rear Week 267: Snow view from the front Week 267: David looks on at the snow on the front, the slates we have put up can not be seen Week 267: Another view from the front Week 267: Has anyone seen my van, ahh there it is!
Wek 267: The side porch and my van Week 270: Progress at last, the Dormer fronts have been covered (left of shot) and we have got above the velux's Week 272: Now up to ridge to the left of the dormer and started on the right hand side of the house, as well as the part above the front porch. Week 272: Shot of the right hand side. Week 272: Another shot for clarity. Week 276: Main Roof finished slated, now to put the ridge tiles on
Week 277: Ridge tiles started to be put on, right hand side of picture Week 278: Main roof fully ridged now Week 286:Main house is now com-pletely slated and ridged, the sun room is now under way, there have not been many photos taken up to this point but folloeing shots will show the completed state Week 286: Another shot of the sun room Week 291: Scaffolding is going to be taken down now as when the winds get up, sometimes the scaffold planks are blown on to the house. All slating is finished now and we are 99% waterproof Week 291: Another scaffolding removal shot
Week 291: All scaffolding down, the sun room can be clearly seen now Week 291: The scaffolding will have to go up again for roughcasting the gable end, but the block work around the sun room is built up with stone as the front will be. Week 291: Another shot of sun room Week 291: Shot of end of house and sun room, the chimney needs roughcasting, but this will be done at the same time as the gable end, the corner beads have all ready been put in place on the chimney, they are stainless steel so should not rot before roughcasting is done. Week 292: An ariel view of the house, I can be seen (top right) going in to the caravan. Week 296: Work has started on screeding the floors, first up is the sun room, the underfloor heating pipes can be seen also
Week 296: Another shot of screeding Week 296:Yet another shot Week 296: Finished screed, now we have to wait at least 7 days before we can walk on it. Week 296: The screed is slow drying 1mm per day. Week 296: Next week we hope to be screeding the Dining room. Week 297: The dining room has been screeded now, next the lounge
Week 297: The lounge has been prepped for screeding, underfloor pipe and insulation laid in.